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Glass Sand Art

is a form of art where colored sand or particles are packed into a glass container to create beautiful patterns or designs. By placing sand inside the glass container, the viewer can see delicate sculptures or designs. The colors and layers of sand are used to create different tones and textures, and when illuminated, glass sand art can create a beautiful and dazzling effect.

Glass sand art can be created in various types of containers such as bottles, vases, acrylic resin containers, and more. The artist will pack the sand into the container, adjust the thickness of the layers, and carve out designs with special tools if necessary. Glass sand art can also be themed to suit various occasions and seasons.

Not only is glass sand art admired for its beauty, but it can also be created as a hobby or profession. By adjusting the thickness of the layers and the colors of the sand, artists can create unique and personalized designs. Glass sand art is known for its fine detail and beautiful colors, and it is a captivating and mesmerizing art form for viewers to enjoy.

Effect of glass Sand art

Glass sand art can have a number of effects on individuals who view or create it:

  1. Relaxation: Glass sand art can have a calming effect on viewers due to its gentle and soothing appearance. The use of colors and patterns can create a tranquil environment that encourages relaxation.

  2. Focus: Creating glass sand art requires a great deal of attention to detail and focus. This can help individuals to concentrate and improve their ability to focus on tasks.

  3. Creativity: Glass sand art allows individuals to express their creativity and imagination. By creating unique designs, individuals can exercise their creativity and develop new ideas.

  4. Sense of accomplishment: Creating glass sand art can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride. By completing a piece of art, individuals can feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

  5. Mindfulness: The process of creating glass sand art can encourage mindfulness, or the act of being present and aware of one's surroundings. This can lead to a greater sense of well-being and reduced stress. 

In summary, glass sand art can have a positive impact on individuals by promoting relaxation, focus, creativity, a sense of accomplishment, and mindfulness.

Sand Painting

Can you imagine drawing pictures with sand? Sand Painting Art is drawn using only colored sand and a bamboo skewer - no glue, no tape, or any other materials are used. Simply by using the skewer to shift the sand little by little, we can create shapes and pictures.


We make all of our sand painting art with enthusiasm and precision, working with care. This very unique skill is fun to watch on video and everyone will be surprised by watching a piece go from plain sand to Art.


All custom orders including a video of the making of the piece. Custom orders can be designed with many different options and your imagination.


This Art is perfect for eye catch on social media with Reel or Short Movie. Try our digital contents for your marketing product! Our Social Medias got over 100 million views in 2022. Contact us Now! 

About Glass Sand
Fumi McFarland

Fumi   McFarland

Hi, I am Fumi!  I moved to the US from Tokyo in 2019. Soon after starting my new life in Texas, I came across the art of Glass Sand Art via the Japan Sand Painting Association.  I was entranced by the beauty and detail of Glass Sand Art that I lost track of time! 

And also I realize how we can be creative with Glass Sand Art. Just using only a spoon, so many shapes we can make! Sometimes, it's like a puzzle and it bring you to the focusing world.

Try and enjoy your creative project with us!

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